Products: Business Computing


Business Class Notebooks and Desktops

Dell R Series Notebooks

It’s given that the technology landscape will continue to evolve. So having a reliable, long-term technology solutions provider such as Dell on your side can help you build a stable platform for business growth. Dell helps you design and choose hardware, software and support solutions that simply work together. To help you keep your business running with these solutions — whether you have an existing infrastructure purchased directly from us or use other vendor systems — Dell delivers support services for your entire multivendor environment.


Dell Workstations

Dell Precision™ workstations are our highest-performing and most scalable systems, specifically designed for graphics-intensive professionals in engineering, product design, animation and digital imaging, with features such as:

  • Multi-core processors for maximum power with multithreaded applications and multitasking environments.
  • Advanced graphics card options from dependable 2D performance to unprecedented OpenGL® 3D performance.
  • LCD displays that let you view schematics and designs with UltraSharp™ or Truelife technology.


Dell Blade ServersDell Tower Servers

Sharing your business intelligence and helping your workforce collaborate are critical to your success. Inspired by real-world users, Dell PowerEdge™ servers deliver a business-ready infrastructure to help give your company the power to get more work done now and the latitude to grow as your business demands.


PC & Workstation UPS

APC Backup UPS

Metrix offers APC UPS systems in a variety of power protection solutions, for everything from home and business desktop computers to networking equipment(including entry-level to high-performance storage, switches and servers). Metrix can also custom design centralized protection for data cetners and complete building systems.

Racks & Accessories

Specialty enclosures

Metrix can custom-configure the rack environment necessary to meet your requirements for integration of servers, storage devices, networking equipment and other products with APC racks and rack accessories. Metrix offers enclosed and open frame racks from APC to provide diverse mounting solutions and the level of security you need.

Power Distribution

Metered power distribution

Metrix also offers diverse rack power distribution products from APC that are designed to meet the needs of entry-level networking equipment and high-density server and blade environments. APC's Three-phase and standardized InfraStruXure PDUs, designed to increase the flexibility and agility of data center poswer distribution, are also available.